Catalogo Wicked Ridge 2017

We launched Wicked Ridge Crossbows in 2010, with a promise to offer quality, features, and durability never seen at entry-level price-points. We have lived up to our promise, and today continue to produce the best crossbow value in the market. Our crossbows are manufactured in the United States and have a well-earned reputation for the durability, dependability, and performance you expect from TenPoint® manufactured products.

New for this year, we are making the TenPoint ACUdraw™ gear-assisted cocking device available on our best-selling Invader G3™. Known as the industry’s most user-friendly and practical crossbow cocking solution, the device reduces the effort required to cock the bow to roughly 5-pounds. In addition, the ACUdraw™ will also be available as a stand-alone accessory for all current and previous Wicked Ridge models.

You should also know that we have recently completed a three-year process during which we expanded our facilities nearly three-fold to include a dramatic expansion of our manufacturing plant and its production capability. We also added an Innovation Center, and a Customer Experience Center. The Innovation Center is the new engineering heartbeat of our company dedicated to product design, manufacturing efficiency, and quality control. The Customer Experience Center is the new home for our expanded Customer Service Call Center, Warranty Service and Repair Center, Sales Department, Accounting Department, and a new state-of-the-art Hunter’s Outlet retail store and indoor shooting range.

We have also invested in a new group of highly qualified middle management professionals to help us manage growth, expand innovation, and to double down on our commitment to impeccable service and unparalleled quality.

My two sons, Phil and Steve, and my nephew Mike Shaffer, have worked 24/7 to manage this expansion and to transform the Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, and Engineering functions. As I transition into more of an advisory role over the next five years, I am confident our commitment to constantly improve our products, technology, service, and staff has never been in better hands.

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